You walk out to your vehicle…it’s 85 degrees out…you unlock the door. Now you open the door, go to get inside and “WOW! It’s Hot!”. Instant sweat rolling down your face. Yep…and touching the steering wheel? No…scorching!

The build up of heat inside the car is unbearable.  You usually have to stand with the door open to air out the vehicle. And this all can be resolved by installing a professional window tint to help block the heat and UV rays.  With professionally installed window tinting, we can reduce the damaging sun rays beating down on your car, while driving or parked.  Such things as skin cancer, can be substantially reduced by using window tinting on your vehicles.

Whether it is heat rejection, uv ray protection, glare reduction, or vehicle customization, SunShade Window Tinting has the solution to whatever problem you are having.

Car Window Tinting in One Piece Troy MI For example, the rear glass, we heat form that flat sheet of film to the curve of your glass.  This allows for a one solid piece installation.  Then, the black dots at the top of the glass, can be a bit challenging for most.  Us? No problem.  We seal down the tint and achieve an exceptional level of quality so you don’t see these dots as much as possible.

Car Window Tinting Troy MichiganNext, the side doors.  When you roll down the doors, we get as close as possible to the edge.  With a solid cut shape and not some wavy line.  Tuck down the weatherstrips, in order to get below the felt strips and this allows a super clean installation.

We have been around since 1985 and not going anywhere.  Too many shops come and go.  And we are still here.  What this means to you is that if you have a warranty issue, we are there to handle it. Although, this is very rare with our install.
All this is great but seriously how much will this cost me?  Price….we believe the price is fair for both sides. Our expertise is unmatched.  Kinda like buying a Ferrari.  ‘You get what you pay for’.  So, we might be a little more than everyone else, but when you put more effort into the window tinting service than everyone else, than we think it is only fair to charge accordingly. Your hard earned money is well spent here. And we will make sure you get the best window tinting service possible.

So if you have any more questions, please give us a call or stop by!  Click here and it will take you to our location page and you can get directions there also.

Thanks for reading and make the right choice…you will be glad you did.